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Believing in doing good is contagious, Cheryl is a global citizen with a passion in empowering our environment and people to be more inclusive and kind. In all things she do, she values Collaboration, Vitality, Resilience and Balance. Her next dream is to share stories from her travels to showcase the works of everyday thoughtful committed citizens play in creating sustainability in the fashion world.

Tell us more about yourself.

I’m the mother (founder) of Je Moedder, which translates as “your momma’” in Dutch.

What is Je Moedder (Your Momma)?

I started one year ago, hand printing on recycled clothing with environmentally friendly ink. Basically, printing on recycled clothing means printing on the leftovers of the clothing in the industry. Because the clothing industry, is one of the biggest polluters in the world.
All the big pile of clothes we still have, we can still use them and print on them, like to upcycle them. So I print this text “Your Momma” In different language on the existing clothes we have and sell them. Better for your mother. And so for yourself.

What is Je Moedder (Your Momma)?

I think it’s important nowadays to remind everyone where we come from and I think people should care a little bit more and get remind it’s a bit more so that’s why I mean wearing a t-shirt is basically wearing a sign that people read that people really notice and they feel also affected by it because they read it’s it’s because it’s directed to them in this way saying your mama is directed to them everyone so and

I can I can tell because now a lot of people are wearing it and it gets you get a lot of reactions and it’s so it works what is your objective for doing yo mama it’s to create the awareness and also to provide a solution of showing how we can do it differently in the weekend we need to upcycle more we need

to use more materials that we already have and not keep digging for new new resources because we reach the limit

is there anything you want to tell people out there

I would say it’s it’s it’s important to change your habits it is it’s it’s good to to really take your responsibility and try to change your habits because we need a lot of work we have a lot of work to do and one of the Ways is yeah I really try to reuse a lot more than just taking new things and with with this I hope to yeah to start that shift in thinking a little bit more and that it becomes a bit more a bit normal hmm

Current Projects ?

see you Joe what are you doing so weird out we’re now here forum bond for the cop 23 mm-hmm where climate change is really an important issue that delegates from all over the world talk about solutions hopefully and now I’m here in Germany I will actually also want to print it in German mm-hmm

because we know your mama jokes or not it’s not only in the United States in England but they go very well in Dutch mooder I have also another friend of mine in

Brussels who’s printing in French some air and it works really well and now I figured out what to print in German so I’m gonna change it and make

another screen so I can print it in German so as you’re gonna translate it into your mama in German Dinah yeah Dinah Mota and I yeah I can make it a little bit bigger it’s it’s it’s not that hard at all it’s actually a very simple design mm-hmm I hope one day I have the time to to make a more fancy design but yeah I think it’s mainly also about the message behind it hmm so that’s it awesome the one in Duchess will thank you so much


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